Yoga Kids

In Aerial Yoga, kids can swing in the air like a monkey to play – and expend all that pent-up energy – while they learn. Aerial yoga provides a fun and active approach to get kids moving, while increasing their overall strength.

Aerial Yoga for Kids

Children can gain enhanced concentration, flexibility, body awareness, and overall well-being from any yoga practice. But an aerial yoga class has even more to offer! This super-fun style of kids’ yoga also promotes better balance, boosts confidence, and offers tykes a sense of courage and strength.

The hammock works for children like a big hug which operates sedative for the nervous system. Children learn how to relax their body and at the same time is quite fun for them to swinging in their own little cocoon!

Whatever your child’s needs are, they are perfect for aerial yoga and aerial yoga is perfect for them.  And if you are still reading, you are the perfect parent for your child because you are obviously learning and trying your best for the benefit of the light of your life.  And that is all yoga.Pre-requisites: Kids ages 6 to 10 are welcome, no experience necessary.