Shining Morning Yoga

Here are a few of many benefits and reasons to cultivate and sustain an early morning yoga practice!

• Regulates Your Sleep Rhythm & Balance Your Hormones
Once you make practicing yoga in the morning a habit, your body becomes accustomed to getting up at the same time each day.  It will begin to get you ready to wake up on time, which means you will awake feeling more energized and alert- enhancing this feeling the more that you do it.  While practicing yoga, the attention to breathing, meditation and asana has a positive effect on the endocrine system, which is responsible for long-term body maintenance using glands and hormones, and helps keep you balanced.  Certain yoga poses stimulate the pineal gland that excretes the melatonin hormone that regulates sleep patterns as well.
• Helps to Build a Healthy Routine
Most of us live busy lives, our days are busy and time is valuable.  It’s understandably tough to fit in a yoga class during your busy day and by the evening things may come up that prevent you from practicing, or you’re just feeling too tired.  Doing your practice 7:00-8:00 in the morning provides relief to most!  The feeling of self-empowerment that comes from being disciplined in your routine brings increased mental strength into other areas of your life as well.
• Creates a More Peaceful, Calm and Grounded Day
An early morning practice can help set the tone for your entire day ahead. The importance of being calm and grounded before heading out into the chaos of daily life should not be underestimated. That traffic jam, rude person, negative co-worker – that’s not a problem for you as you remember to connect with your breath, to control your breathing. The mind is the king of the body, but the breath is the king of the mind. During your early morning yoga practice you will set an intention and this will carry with you throughout your day long after leaving your yoga mat.
• Increases Metabolism
Practicing yoga first thing in the morning, you improve your digestion and help more nutrients move through your body. Once the body has a sufficient amount of nutrients moving through, it will begin to metabolize fats and carbs faster.
• Is a Great Caffeine Alternative
The specific type of breathing done during your early morning yoga practice stimulates your entire body and mind. Early morning yoga helps you to feel more energized, yet grounded at the same time, thus helping you to accomplish more and be more productive during the day. Even on the days when you feel a little tired or less energy upon waking up, that certainly always changes after your hour long morning yoga practice.  You start to feel alive, with clarity and purpose, and you go about your day with absolutely no caffeine required!
Every day is new and unique! Let’s do morning yoga routine, like the brushing of our teeth!