Flow & Αlignment

In this class we focus on the fundamentals of asana, postural alignment which is essentially the architectural structure of a pose and how to apply this alignment to common transitions within a flow class.

Flow is a dynamic vinyasa practice which carefully instructs the integral alignment of each pose, while using creative sequencing and focusing on the breath. Flow and alignment class also focuses on pranayama (breathing) techniques, to strengthen one’s ability to focus and sharpen the mind and fine tune one’s awareness, intuition, power of intention and attention.
Although this class can be challenging, it can also be modified for beginners. There is often a fun and philosophical approach. It is always advised that you go at your pace, honor your capabilities, and listen to your body.


Alignment is the precise way in which the body should be positioned in each yoga pose in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the pose, increase strength & flexibility without causing any pain and most importantly, to avoid injury. Proper alignment improves circulation, creates inner space in the joints and brings a balanced flow of energy through the whole body, which leads to health and wellbeing.